Using nature-friendly material from the local area.

If we can build a house with natural material which can be obtained locally, we can save the energy which is used to produce modern construction materials and need not worry about their disposal. We also do not have to spend any energy for the transportation of material. By using natural materials, no pollution is produced.
At this experimental house we use a natural air ventilation system with cool tubes. For its efficiency, during the extreme seasons, we need good thermal insulation, large heat capacity and air tightness. In order to achieve this, the walls are cobbed on a 2x4 structure and a part of the roof is thatched. Rain on the roof is collected and used for drinking water.
There are several inexpensive ways to construct earth buildings-such as adobe construction or rammed earth. We must check seismic safety, and reinforce the walls with bamboo net which has bending resistance. These old ways should be preserved and even developed further, before they get destroyed by modern construction methods using a lot of fossil energy.

(2-1) Cobbed walls

(2-2) Thatched roof

(2-3) Rain water for drinking