�Windmill power generation

Two windmills (two blades) generating 500watt and one windmill (three blades) generating 300watt are installed at the site on three wooden posts 9m tall. The generated electricity is first rectified and used to charge four batteries of 6 volts in series. Then, the direct current of 24volt is fed to the inverter through a controller producing a 50Hz alternative current of 240volt. When the batteries are fully charged, the controller switches the excessive electricity to an heating element in the hot cylinder. As the alternative current has a rectangular form and high harmonics, we would like to investigate how a direct current can be used without an inverter or a low pass filter. However, it is possible to produce enough electricity for lights and a small refrigerator. On a windy day enough electricity is produced for washing and vacuum cleaning.

windmills(in the day)

windmill(in the evening)

windmill control panel